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Scaling your Business

CRM Consulting

We utilize agile methodologies in combination with proven project management techniques in the implementation and integration of CRM projects.

step 1

Strategy Workshop

We understand the needs and expectations of the stakeholders in the strategy workshop, where we get an overview of the existing system landscape and technologies involved, as well as the specific sales and communication processes. Thereafter, we give suggestions regarding optimization accordingly

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step 2

Scope Definition

We outline the project in detail – covering its overall objectives, schedule (milestones), resource allocation, plans for determining and documenting specific goals (deliverables), as well as identifying constraints and exclusions – to effectively manage the expectations of stakeholders.

step 3

Requirements Definition

We identify the “functional” (necessary) and “non-functional” (additional technical and operational) requirements for achieving our objectives, each requirement is then prioritized by cost-benefit ratio, which are then verified by the stakeholders.

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step 4

Project Setup

In preparation for an optimal realization of the project, we assign a project team while establishing a common understanding of the predefined requirements and work packages.

step 5

Work Packages Definition

We divide the project into more manageable work packages based on the agreed scope and schedule. We prepare the technical setup to be ready for implementation, including authentication, test environment and use cases definition.

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step 6


After the solution designs have been determined and implementation commences, individual work package is then internally tested and compared with the specifications. We implement the sales process based on the specified preferences, then import the data provided and create the necessary objects and fields – we set up a complete data structure to fulfil the needs of the stakeholders.

step 7

User Acceptance Testing

When all predefined requirements are met, the critical phase of user acceptance testing (UAT) would then ensure the software is able to handle required tasks in specified real-world scenarios. We test the interface, as well as run combability tests and server authentication tests.

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step 8

Deployment and Integration

When the objectives are accomplished, where desired outcome is achieved and deliverables are approved, the project would come to the completion phase and ready for handover. We also assist in the integration of existing applications to CRM to ensure the optimal mapping of relevant business processes.

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