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About Decidio

Decidio is a young, diverse and rapidly growing IT consulting company founded in 2017 by Fredrik Gustafsson and Joshua Dippenaar. Situated in the Saturn Tower in Vienna, our office has a picturesque look of the city and is within walking distance to the Danube.

Decidio South Africa is located in the heart of KwaZulu-Natal province, providing software development and consulting services both locally and internationally.

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The core team at Decidio consists of highly motivated and experienced developers, designers and consultants. We also maintain a large global network of specialists in various IT technologies, giving us access to the best resources in various industries, and enabling us to always be able to deliver on even the most complex projects.

Co-founder | CEO

Fredrik Gustafsson

Over 19 years as a senior software developer and team lead in the fields of medicine, e-commerce, and software automation.

Co-founder | CEO

Joshua Dippenaar

Over 14 years in DevOps, infrastructure, software development and team leading in software automation, e-commerce and finance industries.

head of development

Erika Kuskova 

Over 13 years of experience as a senior software developer and team lead, specializing in .NET and REST API, with extensive knowledge in backend development.


Diversity at decidio

At Decidio, we believe that it is healthy and advantageous to maintain a culturally diverse workplace. Our female employees work in software development, sales and marketing, consulting, as well as human resources. We welcome employees at different stages of their careers and lives. We believe in cultivating talents and we support working parents.


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